Signs of Hidden Vision Problems

Symptoms of poor visual performance include:

    • Blurred vision distance or near
    • Rubs eyes frequently
    • Squints
    • Occasionally sees double
    • Closes or covers one eye
    • Able to read for only a short time
    • Holds things very close or very far
    • Poor reading comprehension
    • Frequent headaches or eye strain
    • Sloppy handwriting
    • Poor/no spacing when writing
    • Reverses letters and numbers
    • Trouble learning right and left
    • Poor judgement of depth
    • Difficulty changing focus far and near

    • Moves head a lot when reading
    • Frequently loses place when reading
    • Skips lines when reading
    • Uses finger to keep place
    • Poor posture when reading or writing
    • Short attention span
    • Mistakes words with similar beginnings
    • Difficulty recognising letters, words, shapes
    • Trouble with basic math concepts
    • Poor speller
    • Can respond orally but not in writing
    • Poor copying skills
    • Turning of an eye in or out
    • Dizziness or motion sickness

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