Optical Boutique

Our Optical Boutique offers a range of frames, lenses and learning lenses to suit your needs. You’ll find information on each following:


Frames Mt Annan Optometrist

At Mt Annan Eyecare, we take delight in helping you choose the perfect frame.

Whether this decision is based on comfort, value, price or look, we meet your need.

In fact, there is a great deal of skill and expertise involved in optimising your vision through the appropriate frame selection and fitting process. Our staff are trained to help you choose frames and prescription sunglasses that suit your face, lifestyle and optical needs. We will take the time to make sure you are totally satisfied with your selection.

From quality budget frames to designs from the most stylish brands, we have the right frame or prescription sunglasses to suit you.

Our stock changes all the time and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know and we will do our best to source the perfect frame or prescription sunglasses for you.

Our frame range includes a large selection of Children’s Frames. In fact we stock the largest range of childrens frames in South West Sydney!

All glasses come with complimentary cleaning and adjustments.

We also have HICAPS so you can claim on your health fund on the spot.


Lenses Mt Annan Eyecare

Not all glasses are created equal. Lenses can help people think more clearly.

Most people know that glasses can help them see more clearly. Many times glasses are designed to do just that, but using the most appropriate lenses can do more, they also affect how well your brain and your eyes work together, and how comfortably you work, and learn.

At Mt Annan Eyecare, we take a wholistic approach to ensure you come away with the best possible prescription lenses to suit your vision, your lifestyle and your budget.

We supply the best quality prescription lenses from reputable labs. We have partnered up with only the most reputable laboratories from German, French, Australian and Japanese manufacturers to offer our patients the best lenses available. We will not cut corners on quality.

Apart from an accurate prescription, the fitting of a pair of glasses is crucial to ensure optimal clarity and comfort.

We incorporate the most stringent quality guidelines to ensure the best technology to tailor the fit of lenses to frames. We customise lenses with Transitions, progressive and specialised anti-reflective and anti-scratch lens coatings.

We can also provide you with prescription swimming goggles , sports and safety glasses.

Learning Lenses

Learning Lenses Mt Annan Eyecare

Lenses and learning are an area of vision care that has long been misunderstood. Many doctors still believe that if a child can see well far away they will automatically be able to perform well at all distances. Having 20/20 vision in the distance has very little correlation to a child’s ability to read and learn.

It is now well known to science that we use our two eyes and brain as one to direct action. The appropriate lenses can improve learning performance and efficiency at the work we do up close. Lenses can be designed individually to protect us, help us see more clearly, help us pay attention, help us work longer, and help us work smarter.

In some cases there will be an improvement in performance that you and your optometrist can see right away. In other cases, the improvement takes a little longer as reduced stress and improved attention remove roadblocks so learning can take place easier over time.

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