Contact Lenses

Contact lens wear is a great alternative to wearing glasses

However, many people are missing out on the great visual and lifestyle benefits of contacts in the mistaken belief that they can’t wear them. Prescription contact lenses can open up a whole new world for you.

Advances in technology, improvements in contact lens materials, production, available prescription types and solutions means that contact lenses are more comfortable, more stable, and easier to use and look after than in the past. There are now many options available in contact lenses, including multifocal lenses, disposable lenses and lenses that can be worn continuously (day and night) for up to 30 days. Some people require custom made contact lenses for eye health and comfort.

You are able to use your prescription contact lenses all the time, or just for sport or social occasions. First you’ll need to be tested to see if you’re a candidate for contact lens wear. We will assess your eyes to find the best lenses to suit your individual needs.

If you’re a first time wearer, we’ll guide you through a trial lens fit to ensure fit and comfort. We’ll teach you how to insert and remove them yourself and about lens hygiene and care. It’s important to make sure that your eyes remain in good health and that your prescription contact lenses remain a comfortable and appropriate fit. We’ll go through this with you at your regular follow-up appointments.

Contact Lenses Mt Annan

What are the benefits of contact lenses?

Contact lenses can enhance sporting performance, self-esteem and life quality, and be worn by children. Contact lenses may also provide:

Improved peripheral vision

Sharper vision

Freedom from glasses

More stable vision for sport

Correction of astigmatism with toric lenses

Correction of complex corneal problems like keratoconus is possible with contact lenses

Replacing reading glasses with contact lenses

Orthokeratology is successful in slowing down the progression of myopia

Tips for successful contact lens wear

Clean your lenses when you remove them

Replace your lenses regularly as instructed

Avoid over wearing contact lenses

Remove lenses if eyes become sore

Return for regular aftercare appointment

Call us to request your appointment