The Role of Vision Therapy in Reading and Learning

Vision, reading and learning are complex processes

A child’s difficulties with reading or learning can be the result of multiple factors. The role of vision in learning, is to allow the person to maintain good attention and concentration easily, without experiencing blur, discomfort or double vision. Vision guides fine motor control when writing and helps us understand spatial concepts.

Because vision is a sense that we rely on heavily, even relatively mild dysfunctions in the automatic operations of vision, can for some people result in significant difficulties with attention, concentration and visual comfort. So regardless of the primary cause of difficulties with reading or learning, treatment of vision problems is important in anybody not achieving to potential.

Vision therapy can improve visual function so the patient/student is better equipped to benefit from educational instruction.

Vision Therapy and Learning


Research has demonstrated that Vision Therapy is an effective treatment option for many of the visual dysfunctions that interfere with learning and reading.

Office based Vision Training is supported by over 40 years of clinical practice and scientific research.

Overlooking our vision, Cameron McCrodan | TEDxVictoria

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