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Author – AD

I’m so happy my mum and dad introduced me to Vision therapy. Before commencing VT, I wore bifocals and struggled with many things. I now only need to wear single vision glasses and only for support when required, for close up work.

In Sam, I not only found a professional but also a friend. She continues to ask about my progress and still offers me support, as does Dina. Dina is helpful, kind and caring, and also guided me when things got tough.

At times the tasks were difficult but I’m glad I found the courage to continue. I have made many achievements and hope that they will continue. I often wonder how different my situation may be if I didn’t give “Vision therapy” a go.

Author – T & AD

After many years of researching “Vision therapy”, my husband and I decided to enrol our son, who was struggling with school work, organisation skills and convergence insufficiency into the programme at “Mount Annan Eyecare”.

There were many discussions and phone calls to Dina Chungue, the “Behavioural Optometrist”. She answered every question with honesty and detail. After many consultations with Dina we realised there is so much more to vision, than just how well our child could see.

We spoke in detail with our son about the programme and asked whether he was prepared to commit. We had been informed that success relies heavily on compliancy with the appointments and daily eye exercises, and since he was the one with the struggle, we wanted him to accept responsibility and ownership. He eagerly accepted, acknowledging that he wanted to make improvements.

The programme consisted of 14 consecutive, weekly appointments and daily eye exercises. At times the exercises were challenging and exhausting for our son, but he remained focused, committed and determined to succeed. The support and dedication offered to our son by this highly trained, motivated and professional team resulted in outstanding results.

We could not have asked for a better therapist to work with our son. Sam was sensational. She offered encouragement, support and total dedication. She presented solutions when we struggled and importantly to us, she was an active listener.

We are so pleased with the tremendous progress our son has made and will always feel a strong connection to “Mount Annan Eyecare”. Our only regret is, not having committed to this programme earlier. Our son continues to impress us with his new found confidence and continuing improvements. We will always remain connected to this wonderful practice and the outstanding staff members who represent this company.

We continue to encourage all my family and friends who have children who are struggling for one reason or another, to attempt “Vision therapy”. My family believe we are Vision therapy’s biggest supporters. We hope many people can achieve the success and results that our family has, and we “thank Mount Annan Eyecare” for making a difference.

Author – Jacob, Age 9

Vision therapy helped me a lot and was fun. I had to do a lot of work with Sam and Dina to make my eyes work together. It was worth it in the end and I am now able to catch a ball and copy off the blackboard without any problem. It was a great experience and I would like to thank you all so much. I miss everyone.

Author – Alison, Jacob’s Mother

Jacob was having trouble copying from the board at school. It was suggested to have Jacob’s eyes tested by a Behavioural Optometrist. We were then recommended to Dina Chungue.

Jacob’s eye teaming and focusing was diagnosed as poor. We also did vision therapy to help develop those skills. After 6 months, I found the program to be effective and has been well worth it.

Jacob’s progress has been remarkable and he absolutely loved the program and never complained. He has improved dramatically over this time and I would like to personally thank all the staff with their dedication.

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