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Mt Annan Eyecare was established in 2010, by our Principal Optometrist Dina Chungue, FACBO.

We take pride in the fact we are not governed by big companies that dictate the brands we sell or the time we spend with you. We are a primary care optometric practice dedicated to providing personalised high quality vision care, to families from infancy to elderly.

We take a special interest in vision care for children. We offer Office Based Vision Therapy for the treatment of binocular vision problems and learning-related vision difficulties.

Our approach is developmental. We are dedicated to helping our patients learn how to use their vision in a more meaningful way and be more successful in whatever they do. Our wholistic approach ensures you come away with the best possible prescription lenses to suit your vision, your lifestyle and your budget. You can be confident your chosen lenses will be the right fit for your needs.

Our qualified staff are committed to personalised service, backed by the latest technology, the highest quality of frames, superior lens options from reputable labs , and contact lens product, with no compromise on value. We go beyond 20/20. We get a real ‘buzz’ out of offering something unique, and will not cut corners on quality and workmanship to deliver the best optical solutions for your needs.

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Our Philosophy

Behavioural Vision care adopts a whole person, holistic approach to vision care.

Rather than treat just the eyes, or even just the visual system, we consider each patient’s needs, traits and lifestyle in conjunction with visual function requirements.

With an eye towards prevention, we manage long-range concerns by addressing problems at the source rather than just treating the symptoms.

Lenses, prisms and filters are prescribed not just for compensation of vision problems, but to therapeutically support our patients.

Vision therapy is offered for active retraining of our use of the eyes and visual information.

Our talented Vision Team is trained to listen to and support every patient.

Behavioural Optometry Mt Annan

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