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Looking out for your vision

Mt Annan Eyecare Team

Our mission at Mt Annan Eyecare is to build long term relationships with the community through excellence in eye care

We are a primary care optometric practice dedicated to providing personalised high quality vision care to families from infancy to elderly.

We take a special interest in vision care for children. We offer Office Based Vision Therapy for the treatment of binocular vision problems and learning-related vision difficulties.

Our approach is developmental. We are dedicated to helping our patients learn how to use their vision in a more meaningful way and be more successful in whatever they do.


Overview of Services

Adult Eye Exams Mt Annan

Our comprehensive eye examination include thorough eye health assessments and determination of how your visual system works

Childrens Eye Exams Mt Annan

Proper visual development is key to a child’s overall development. It is highly recommended that a child has an eye examination at 3 years of age, if not earlier.

Vision Therapy Western Sydney

Vision Therapy is an individualised method of retraining how the brain, eyes and body work together to make better use of their eyes and visual information

Frames for Glasses Mt Annan

We take delight in helping you choose the perfect frame and lenses. Whether this decision is based on comfort, value, price or look, we meet your need.

Latest Technology Optometry

Mt Annan Eyecare offers  both Digital Retinal Imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Contact Lenses Mt Annan

Prescription contact lenses can open up a whole new world for you! We will assess your eyes to find the best lenses to suit your individual needs.

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